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The Pathfinder Project is a STEM-based massively multi online experience combining Citizen Science with a global fan base.

The Freedom To Be Yourself is a powerful quest for your own personal identity and the core principal behind the development of The Pathfinder Project, a compelling and innovative vision whose cause is focused on advancing Humanity beyond Earth. 

Some of the team members who've joined us already include a Planetary Scientist, an Aerospace Engineer, a Legendary Game Designer, Computer Scientists, an Astrobiologist, and an Astrophysicist too.

Also joining us are writers, graphic designers, animators and motion graphic artists from many disciplines, creating great original content for our all-new web site launching in the coming weeks, and for the fast growing base of our great fans and partners.

We’re also committed to STEM outreach and Citizen Science, working with organizations and clubs everywhere.

Mission: CanSat 1

Objective: Design and develop procedures for future launches, data processing structure, and establish a global outreach.

Date: Soon

Project Description

Pathfinder Areospace is a component of the project whose mission is to enable innovative technologies that support STEM education for all, with an additional special outreach for girls, women, and other emerging professionals in the K-12 and college level.

The Cansat 1 Mission from Pathfinder Aerospace - PF AERO - is the first step in a long line of future space and near space craft that will be used for scientific research, educational outreach, and much, much more - with you along for the ride !

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